Under The Influence | Inside “The Africa Issue” (Issue #11)

[Row 2: Left to Right]

Okwui Enwezor, curator of Paris’ recent Triennale, discusses what it means to be nicknamed ‘Mr African Art’, the flux of identity unbounded by geography and his opinions on defining oneself cartographically. (Photography by Lydia Gorges)

Cover star Alek Wek discusses the Sudanese refugee crisis and how ‘modelling in moderation’ allows her to work raising the profile of her newly-independent country’s current struggles with Olivia Singer. (Photography by Daniel Jackson)

Olivia Singer speaks with one of Savile Row’s most infamous names, Ozwald Boateng, about his Ghanian heritage and the establishment of his Made In Africa Foundation. (Photography by Cat Stevens)

[Row 3: Left to Right]

Emma Cavendish talks to Cyrus Kabiru, the autodidactic Kenyan artist, about his wearable ‘C-Stunners sculptures’. Accompanied by images of the artists wearing his own work, shot by Amunga Eshuchi. (Image: Big Cat, mixed media ‘C-Stunner’ sculpture, 2012)

Gabonese artist Natalie Mba Bikoro presents her etchings based on Lewis Carrol’s timeless classic and Emma Cavendish discusses the collection.

[Row 4: Left to Right]

José Luis Mejías explores western narratives of African experience in light of the Modernist architecture movement in areas like Kampala and Jinju in Uganda and Kisumu in Kenya.

Tristan Hoare interviews Malick Sidibe on what it was like shooting at Studio Malick in the 70s, accompanied by a 12-page spread of some of our favourite of Malick’s photography.

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